Finswimming CARBON Glide monofin



Finswimming CARBON Glide monofin is a carbon version of  WaterWay’s Glide monofin. The Glide monofin is one of the most advanced monofins in the world and a carbon blade makes it even lighter and more responsive. Great for trainings and competitions.

Finswimming CARBON Glide monofin is used by the top finswimming athletes and world record holders.
Lilla Szekely, Yiting Sun, Anastasia Antoniak and others win with Glide monofin.

In Belgrade,Serbia during the World Championship Yiting Sun sets a new WR in 400m SF and wins 400m immersion with her Carbon Glide monofin

Additional information

Weight 4.1 kg

EU 34/US 3(220mm), EU 35/ US 4 (230mm), EU 36/US 4.5 (235mm), EU 37/US 5 (240mm), EU 38/US 6 (245mm), EU 39/US 7 (250mm), EU 40-41/US 7.5-8 (255mm), EU 42/US 8.5 (260mm), EU 43/US 9 (265mm), EU 44.5/US 10.5 (275mm), EU 44/US 10 (270mm), EU 45/US 11-11.5 (280mm), EU 46-47/US 12-12.5 (285mm), EU 48/US 14 (290mm), EU 49/US 15 (295mm), EU 50/US 16(300mm)


100mm, 105mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm


Comfort/Practice (looser fitting), Performance/competition (tighter fitting)


Beige, Black, Blue, Red, Violet, White, Yellow


Beige, black, Blue, Red, Violet, White


Stiffness 2, Stiffness 3(medium), Stiffness 4(medium-hard), Stiffness 5(hard), Stiffness 6(extra hard), Stiffness 7(Super-Hard)


68cm/26.7 inch(junior), 70cm/27.5 inch (standard), 72cm/28.3 inch (wide), 74cm/29.13 inch (extra-wide)


Standard-15 Degrees, Wide-20 Degrees


100-200m, 1500m, 200-400m, 3k+, 50m, 800m-1500m

C.M.A.S. Homologated Sticker

With Sticker, Without Sticker

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