Nemo Rugby 2.0 Fins


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Rugby Nemo 2.0 is an upgraded version of well-know Rugby Nemo fins for underwater rugby and underwater hockey.

The improved version features the following:

  • Open heal type of footpockets
  • Cut rails, which make the blade bend more efficiently
  • The blades got wider at the head part creating extra blade surface to press on the water
  • The fins got lighter as a result of improvements. The new weight is 1.6-1.8kg


As a standard version of the Nemo Rugby fins this model comes with a blade length of 45cm.The blade is constructed of 100 micron thick layers of high quality composite fiber and WaterWay’s specially developed resins.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

EU 37-39/US 5-7, EU 41-43/US 8-9, EU 44-45/US 10-11.5, EU 46-48/US 12-14


Soft, Medium, Hard

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