Rugby Carbon Fins



General Features

With a blade length of 45cm and a composite carbon-fiber blades the WaterWay Carbon Rugby fins supply the player with unmatched power and durability. This model is a carbon version of well known, the best and the most popular in UW rugby sport fins.

The Blades

WaterWay Carbon Rugby Fins come with pure carbon-fiberglass blades. The blades are designed and pressed with high pressure machines making them even more durable, stronger, and responsive.Blade shaped to give the maximum amount of thrust with the smallest amount of energy consumption.The blades’ length is 45cm. The Carbon blades comparing to the fiberglass provide higher power being more reactive in the water.


WaterWay’s rugby fins’ footpockets enable optimal grip of the players feet and the best possible energy transfer.


Water Rails(Edges)

Rugby Fins’ water rails(edges) with a specific height,width, and length designed to decrease all the turbulence in bending phase.
The edges are made so that there is no a sharp spot on the blade making the game safe.The rails allow higher stability and better handling underwater. These water edges come in a recognizable blue colour.

Made in Europe

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg

XXS/EU 33-34/US 1-2, XS/EU 35-36/US 3-4.5, S/EU 37-38/US 5-6, M/EU 39-41/US 7-8, L/EU 41-42/US 8-8.5, XL/EU 43-44/US 9-10.5, XXL/EU 45/US 11-11.5


Soft, Medium, Hard



Blade Colour


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