UltraFins fiberglass blades



Ultrafins Fiberglass blades come with an angle of 22 degrees. The blades are designed and pressed with high pressure machines making them even more durable, stronger, and responsive.
The blades’ width is 20cm. Available in 2 colors(black and blue).Adjustable for Mares, UltraFins, WaterWay, or Pathos foopockets. Please, note that the foot pockets are not compatible with all the brands above. We cut the blades so that they fit the above foopockets.

Guide for choosing the right stiffness:

  • Stiffness 1/Soft – weight under 65 kg (~145 lbs),
  • Stiffness 2/Medium -weight over 65 kg (~145 lbs)
  • Stiffness 3/Hard – weight over 90 kg (~200 lbs)
Please, note that the guide is only a recommendation, and choosing the right stiffness is very individual. Since, it depends more on athlete’s physical strength and muscles, rather than on the total weight.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Blades' Color

Black, Blue


ST1 (extra-Soft), ST 2 Soft, ST 3 Medium-Soft, ST 4 Medium-Hard

Edges' Color

Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue

Footpockets Compatibility

UltraFins footpockets, Mares Footpockets, WaterWay Capt.Nemo Footpockets, Pathos Footpockets, Universal(14cm Edge)



Blade Colour

Black, Blue, Pink

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