Mermaid Nemo Fin


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WaterWay Mermaid Nemo Fin comes with a blade made of high quality and durable fiberglass.The fin comes with soft edges for maximum safety.

The Mermaid Nemo Fin  designed for fun swimming. Due to upward trend in mermaid industry and because WaterWayFins has been receiving requests for something fun, but also productive and efficient in the water, we created the fiberglass Mermaid Nemo Fin.

Our top engineers has put all their knowledge and skills to make a Mermaid Nemo Fin for fun purposes that will still let you glide through the water fast and smoothly.

WaterWay’s Mermaid Nemo Fin is the most efficient mermaid fin in the world.



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Weight 2.9 kg

EU 37-39/US 5-7, EU 41-43/US 8-9, EU 44-45/US 10-11.5, EU 46-48/US 12-14


Soft, Medium, Hard

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